Retire in 1 of 10 Best, Affordable Mountain Towns

We have all envisioned what retirement might be like (at least once).  If you are the type that seeks a Mountainous climate, then retiring in one of these 10 best and most affordable mountain towns might be for you.

US News recently ranked the Top 10 Most Affordable Mountain Towns to move to for retirement.  Let us know in the comments below which one you would pick.

salt lake city utah

Salt Lake City, Utah, Dana Sohm, US News

1. Redding, California

2. Blacksburg, Virginia

3. Bend, Oregon

4. Boone, North Carolina

5. Colorado Springs, Colorado

6. Burlington, Vermont

7. Bozeman, Montana

8. Post Falls, Idaho

9.  Fayetteville, Arkansas

10.  Salt Lake City, Utah


Bozeman, Montana, istock photo, US News4. Boone, North Carolina

Redding California

Redding, California, Redding Convention and Visitors Bureau, US News

North Carolina

Boone, North Carolina, N.C. Division of Tourism, Film and Sports Department, US News


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