About Us

Road to RetirementThe Difference

TriStar has chosen to remain one of the few retirement plan consulting and administration firms who does not sell investment products.  We feel that this enhances our ability to serve our clients’ needs impartially.  TriStar administrators are familiar with a variety of situations and have the skills, technical knowledge, and experience needed to resolve any and all conflicts that may arise.  Our clients have come to appreciate our complete independence and rely upon it.

At TriStar, every plan receives the attention required to assure quality plan administration and consulting for the client.  To enhance our retirement-plan valuation work, TriStar offers clients an account executive that will work with them directly. TriStar’s growth and client retention is proof that this philosophy of personal service and partnership works.

For over 15 years our professionals have provided companies, just like yours, with plan design consulting, compliance consulting, recordkeeping and administration services for their retirement plans.  TriStar Pension Consulting is an Oklahoma City-based business that provides services to more than 200 clients ranging in size from one to over a thousand employees. We serve clients from all over the United States and we are proud of our reputation for providing exceptional, efficient, and accurate services.

Our Background

TriStar was formed in 1999 as twenty-something Shannon Edwards set out to start her own business. The story began as it does for most entrepreneurs; Shannon recognized a growing need in an overlooked market; retirement plan consulting and administration. Not only did Shannon see the need for more plan administrators, retirement was something she felt very passionately about.  Upon graduating college, Shannon was working for a certified public accounting firm. Her department had grown from 10 clients to 150 under her management.  After 7 years at the CPA firm, She went on to purchase the department she managed.  Through this, she was able to launch her own business, although it was no easy feat.

Today TriStar currently serves over 8,000 plan participants.  Shannon attributes the company’s growth to the excellent customer service her team provides along with the ability to adapt with technology.

“Having TriStar has given me the opportunity to educate young people about the importance of saving for a dignified retirement.”  Shannon believes in her company along with the services it offers.  Her favorite part is, “helping small businesses provide meaningful benefits to their employees, and helping those employees save for retirement”.  TriStar hopes to continue to provide retirement plan services.  “I am very grateful for each of my clients, it is because of them we still exist!”