Compliance and Administrative Deadlines to Remember

If you’re like us, your world revolves around deadlines. We decided to make it easier on ourselves (and you) by adding them all in this graphic for quick reference. You can also view major upcoming deadlines on the Compliance Calendar on our blog page. Download the calendar here: ERISA Deadlines for Calendar Year Plans   We…

Beach Ready 401(k) Plan

Summer is here! Most of us have spent our time since New Year ’s keeping resolutions to finally get ourselves “beach ready.” Now the kids are out of school, vacations are on the horizon, pools are open and the heat is on. All of these make it difficult to muster the will to work and may…

Census Data Collection for Qualified Plans

Every year around this time, Third Party Administrators collect census data from their clients. The plan sponsor prepares the census for the TPA which includes data such as; employee name, date of birth, social security number, date of hire, date of termination, date of rehire, annual compensation, deferrals, etc. This information is given to the TPA…

A Guide to Form 5500

What is Form 5500? The Form 5500 is a mandatory informational tax return that is to be filed annually by the plan sponsor. The completed Form 5500 and all the various attached schedules are filed with the Department of Labor. The Form 5500 reports basic information about the plan as well as financial information for…

Video Tutorial

Tutorial- How to Set Up DOL Credentials for First Time Users

Each year, plan sponsors are required to sign Form 5500.  In order to sign Form 5500, plan sponsors must first obtain Department of Labor credentials. This video instructs first time users on how to set up DOL credentials.  

Video Tutorial

Tutorial- How to Electronically Sign Form 5500

Each year plan sponsors are required to sign Form 5500.  This tutorial video instructs you on how to electronically sign your Form 5500.