Pack a Sack Lunch and Save

Today we are continuing our weekly theme on cutting costs and saving more in honor of National Saving for Retirement Week.  Today is Pack a Sack Lunch day, proclaimed by the Mayor of Washington D.C. in order to encourage public workers to save more and spend less.  If you want to see how much you’ll…

Americans Save at Work

Americans Save at Work. For National Retirement Savings Week we are providing resources to educate our friends about the benefits of saving for retirement plans. Check out this infographic from  

13 Money Saving Tips Infographic

It’s National Save for Retirement Week and we’re posting helpful ways to trim spending and sock away savings for retirement.  Here’s a helpful Infographic with 13 Money Saving Tips. Find more great infographics on NerdGraph Infographics References NerdGraph  

National Save For Retirement Week

National Save for Retirement Week is October 20-26 this year.  Congress designates one week each year to encourage Americans to review their retirement goals.  The ICMA-RC is a non profit which offers several valuable resources like money saving tips, interactive retirement calculators, and answers to frequently asked questions for participants and plan sponsors alike. Many…

Retirement Toolkit

This Retirement Tookkit was provided by the Department of Labor, Social Security Administration, and Medicare & Medicaid Services.   Read the Full Retirement Toolkit Here: References: Department of Labor  

5 No’s for your 401(k)

We recently stumbled across this great article on which outlines 5 things we should avoid when handling our 401(k)’s. 1. Should I take out a loan from my 401(k)? No! Here’s why:  The rules governing 401(k) loans are fairly strict. Your plan will require you repay the loan – plus interest – through automatic…

A little can go a long way

Fidelity Investments recently published an infographic showing just how much of an impact saving an extra 1% can make to your retirement.  The younger you begin saving, the better!