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Why Is TriStar Offering SmartDollar?

TriStar Pension is passionate about helping Americans save for a dignified retirement, and financial wellness is an integral part of a successful plan for retirement. As plan administrators, we see the increasing rates of loans and distributions being taken from 401(k) plans as well as hardship withdrawals. That increase, along with the dwindling deferral rates, spell trouble for our retirement futures. We must get employees on track with saving to avoid the impending retirement crisis.

Introducing: SmartDollar


Everyone agrees that behavior change is required to get employees on track for retirement, but only Dave’s unique approach actually delivers it. SmartDollar organizes retirement education in a way that tackles the real issues first. Employees know they should be contributing more to retirement—and they want to—but with a lack of emergency savings and 24% of their paychecks going to non-mortgage debt payments, they just don’t have the money. This proven plan gives each participant and their family action steps to build a strong financial foundation so they can get on track for retirement, no matter where they are today.

Dave Ramsey is a nationally recognized radio talk show host, money expert, and published author. Most notably, Dave Ramsey provides financial advice and motivation for getting Americans out of debt and into wise money management.

How It Works

SmartDollar How it Works from SmartDollar on Vimeo.

How Is SmartDollar Different?

SmartDollar, formerly CORE Financial Wellness, is not a new program. It is a new brand from an established leader in financial education. Rather than addressing the symptoms, SmartDollar uses a holistic approach to get to the root of why people aren’t on track for retirement. SmartDollar is not some boring financial seminar.

It is an online program that is …

  • Fun and entertaining with high-energy video lessons and interactive tools
  • Simple and practical with a step-by-step plan that is easy to understand
  • Inspiring and life-changing for your employees and their families

SmartDollar is available to your employees at any time, day or night, on any device, so they can participate on their own time when it’s most convenient for them.


TriStar Pension Consulting has teamed up with SmartDollar exclusively in the Oklahoma City metro area to offer this financial wellness program to our clients at a discounted rate.

The Road to Finan

We think this program provides great guidance that both employees and employers will find beneficial. Any employee can participate in the program, whether or not they qualify to defer in the workplace savings plan.

What Topics Are Covered? 

SmartDollar walks employees step by step through the money maze by covering important topics such as:

  •  1. Getting Started
    Your employees will cover the basics and learn how millions of people have taken control of their money!
  • 2. Saving
    SmartDollar gives participants the basics of saving for now and in the future.
  • 3. Budgeting
    Participants will discover the secret to developing a monthly spending plan that really works.
  • 4. Eliminating Debt
    Your employees will uncover common misconceptions about debt and learn a proven plan for eliminating it.
  • 5. Investing
    SmartDollar provides a framework to understand the various investment options available today.
  • 6. Planning
    Employees will learn to safeguard a nest egg while making major financial decisions.
  • 7. Retiring with Dignity
    SmartDollar unlocks the keys to contentment and leaving a legacy.

What Are the Program Benefits?

  • Increase retirement plan participation
  • Increase retirement plan deferral rates
  • Decrease retirement plan loans
  • Increase productivity by improving morale, work ethic and financial literacy
  • Decrease employee turnover by reducing stress and healthcare costs

How Are Results Reported?

Reporting is a key component of SmartDollar. A scorecard is generated for the employer showing aggregate data for all participants. This information can be used to further incentivize and engage employees. Individual data is completely confidential! Here is an example of a SmartDollar Scorecard:



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