Retirement Resources for Employers

As an employer, managing a retirement plan can seem overwhelming at times. There are many aspects of a plan that require timely actions and some basic knowledge to make sound decisions. We’ve provided this resource center as a guide to assist employers with some of the administration associated with overseeing a qualified retirement plan. If you have any questions, we invite you to contact us. Please continue to check back as we add additional resources to this page.


Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re setting up your retirement plan for the first time or you’ve been sponsoring a plan for years, you are likely to have questions about retirement plans. Topics like loans, distributions, hardship withdrawals, contributions, and employee eligibility will be covered. Keep in mind, some questions are plan-specific and based on your plan document.
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Annual Census Collection

Each year, TriStar collects company census data from our clients so that we can file the required annual Form 5500. This data also helps us run testing and allocations. Accurate census data is essential to maintaining the qualified status of a retirement plan and this guide will help plan sponsors by answering common questions around the census collection process. Answers to Census FAQs

Calendar Year-End Deadlines

Stay organized and never miss a deadline again with our printable list of deadlines. Keep this informative list handy or add these dates to your calendar to use as a quick reference. This guide is for calendar year-end plans only and does not apply to odd year-end plans.
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2018 Plan Limits

Each year, the IRS releases an updated list of plan limits for qualified retirement plans. These limits change based on cost of living adjustments set forth by the IRS and they identify the maximum amount employees and employers can defer to a qualified retirement plan. We always keep these updated limits on our website but this is a handy guide to keep in your office. Download the Plan Limits

Retirement Acronyms + Statutory References

The language in regards to retirement plans is tremendously complex. With multiple acronyms and industry jargon, it can be tremendously daunting to keep track of all of these terms. We’ve put together a list of the most common retirement acronyms and what they stand for along with a guide on statutory references. View the Guide

401(k) Plan Checklist

Reviewing your plan at least annually is an important task to ensure your plan remains compliant. The number one mistake made by plan sponsors, which can spin off into a number of other errors, is simply not following the rules laid out in the plan document. Performing an annual review, or reviewing your plan with your TPA after your annual return is filed, is an effective way to catch and correct errors. View the IRS Plan Checklist


NTP Form

Loan Request

Hardship Withdrawal Request

In-Service Distribution Request


GAO Eligibility and Vesting Requirements Survey

GAO Lifetime Income 401(k) Options Survey


How to fill out census and questionnaire information on the client portal

How to electronically sign Form 5500

How to Register for your DOL credentials- First Time Signers

How to Retrieve forgotten DOL credentials-Returning Users