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Our process makes it easy to keep your retirement plan compliant

Recoup Time

We know you have a business to run. Let us handle the details of your 401(k) plan.

Stay Compliant

We monitor plans to ensure they meet compliance and regulatory guidelines.

Immediate Help

Get help right when you need it from a dedicated representative who knows your business inside & out.

You watch your business. We'll watch your 401(k) plan.

Business owners want to provide a retirement option for their employees, but don't have the time to monitor and administer a 401(k) plan. A letter from the IRS about a problem with your plan shouldn't distract you from the day-to-day work of growing your business. Maximize your contributions and tax benefits with a company that truly understands your business.

Protect your 401(k) compliance in 3 steps

Pick the best option for your business size and budget

Focus on your business, not your plan administration

We fix broken retirement plans

It is not uncommon for an error to occur in a retirement plan. The good news is that TriStar specializes in fixing broken plans. We identify the solution using the available correction paths for the lowest cost
possible. We prepare the necessary calculations, and see the correction through to the end. We make
traveling the road to a clean plan as easy and smooth as possible.


Ready to find out more?

The Tristar Pension Consulting team is ready to help you begin your journey on the road to retirement. We will help you navigate the route for a smooth ride to and through retirement.