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"The TriStar staff is always pleasant and helpful, whether to current employees needing assistance with their 401(k) account, previous employees who may wish to roll over their funds, or our in-house Accounting and HR personnel. We also really like that they follow up with us on items that are in progress or may have been tabled for a later date. Many times that followup is so crucial, but it's hard to find many people or businesses that do provide the circle-back or double-check much anymore. Thanks, TriStar Team!"

Nikki Smith Keybridge Technologies, Inc.

"I like the customer service that is provided by TriStar. I am provided with appropriate information that is relevant for any particular situation."

April Stucker Controller, Elk Supply Company


Jody Budl Fabsource, Inc.

"Thanks for all your, and everyone at TriStar's help. I have been very happy with our switch to TriStar and have always felt that when I call, everyone is quick with an answer and easy to speak to."

Angela Norton Controller, WW Starr Lumber Co.

"You are the best. Thanks so much for the quick response!"

Betsy Stockard-McGirt Lakeside Oral Surgery

"Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to your clients. I am looking forward to a prosperous relationship with TriStar."

Nicholas G. Farha, Farha Law, PLLC

"I want to thank everyone for your support, especially Shannon from Tristar, she was with me through the whole process. My appreciation for Tristar as our compliance "warrior" has continued to grow. THANK YOU for the great work you have done."

JinJing Tu, Keybridge Technologies

"We feel very fortunate that we have found such an upstanding company and look forward to working with them for years to come."

Jamie, Dental Lodge


"TriStar's team is a great resource for their clients. Their passion to go the extra mile to service clients is evident in their direct & up-front communication. They provide various services which help ease the burden during plan set-up that continues into operation of the plan and even into audit support. Shannon's passion for client service is demonstrated through her direct involvement with her clients. She is abreast of ERISA complexities and regulations. TriStar's service during an audit includes an analysis of contributions on a by-employee basis to ensure that all participants receive the appropriate amounts, interpretation and training on plan provisions and distribution support. TriStar's team is available to walk a client through the complexities of setting up a plan, ensuring compliance with ERISA and DOL regulations, and navigating an audit. Their team is available to fully support a client throughout the audit process by aiding with document requests that may be deferred to the client if a local TPA is not engaged."

Amber Tyler, CPA Audit Partner Eide Bailly


"Partnering with Shannon and her ladies has advanced my 401(k) knowledge in ways that I couldn't have gotten on my own. The access to a local TPA for meetings with business owners has been key in my success with 401(k)s and has given me legitimacy and a competitive edge over advisors going it alone. Shannon and her staff are always available when I have questions or need to run an idea by them. Having access to twenty plus years of knowledge Shannon has on the workings of retirement plans has been invaluable to me and my clients. One of the best business decisions I have made in my career at Edward Jones is making Shannon my go to resource for 401(k)s. Simply put, Shannon and her staff are the best!"

Jolyn Bauer Financial Advisor Edward Jones

"The complexity of 401(k) administration and compliance is greatly understated to advisors. Partnering with the knowledge and experience Shannon and her team at TriStar have to navigate these complexities is me working in the best interest of my clients. The 401(k) industry has and will continue to greatly evolve. Shannon and her team at TriStar keeping me informed of industry change allows me to keep my focus on my clients."

Jared C. McCoy, CRPC Financial Advisor Edward Jones

"Having a TPA firm like TriStar Pension in your corner gives me the confidence I need when I am talking with a client or prospect about their plan. I know I can lean on the expertise and professionalism. It's really all about the accessibility I have to Shannon and her team. Our relationship has given me a huge advantage over other advisors when I am competing for retirement plan assets."

Michael P. Rainbolt, AAMS, Financial Advisor Edward Jones

"When it comes to knowledge about employer retirement plans and service to clients, Shannon Edwards is unmatched. Her experienced TriStar staff goes above and beyond to deliver customer satisfaction on the highest level. With TriStar as your Third Party Administrator, you never have to worry about rulings, filings and keeping your plan up to date. Whenever I need an expert on a 401(k), Shannon is by my side, and she has helped to close several large cases. Shannon and TriStar are a winning team!"

Sherry K. Barton, CLU New York Life

"There is value in working with a knowledgeable TPA, but without great customer service, it is nearly worthless. TriStar has proven that they check all the boxes of knowledge and impeccable service. They have stepped in and just taken over in some crucial moments, which produced positive results. They have done this, not only, in taking care of the small administrative requests with great follow through but in taking over an entire plan and making everyone feel at ease. There is no hesitation in making TriStar part of our 401(k) team."

Allen Staples & Deanna Stranglen LPL

"We have really enjoyed our time working with TriStar Pension over the past few years. Shannon and her team's expertise is unmatched, and they have helped us serve our clients at the highest level. They get to know our clients and truly become an extension of our advisory team. We haven't experienced that same level of service from a bundled provider. Therefore, we solely prefer working with an independent TPA versus a bundled product."

Michael Wojtek, CFP, CPFA Merrill Lynch Wealth Management


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